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About Sydney Forrest

Multimedia Author and Designer

With a creative and diverse background, Sydney's versatility gives an unique perspective to her projects. Merging visual design with artful words gives life to an immersive experience for readers. She enjoys storytelling. By bringing more than just facts or fiction to the stories, she pulls a reader in, engaging them through creating relatable content.

Discovering something new drives her passion. Researching and honing new skills are things she does for fun! Video editing and creating guides are a few things she spends her free time on. 

Sydney enjoys the rain and living in the Pacific Northwest. She has also indie published three children's chapter books, the Magic Bubble Wand series, hoping to inspire young girls to dream big, work hard and feel confident in their own talents and abilities. She is currently working on a young adult adventure novel as well as the 4th book in the series.

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